My name is Arturs Chumarovs, and I am dealing with products of this kind for longer then 10 years during which period various projects were implemented in the metal processing, cement, grain storage, food stuff and car repairs industries.

Relying on this experience, the company BaltFlow has been founded in 2019. It provides extraction ( ventilation ) solutions for metal, cement, rubber, wood, food, pharmaceutical, garages, transport and many other industries. Everything that we do is always executed according to the customers ´needs, most stringent technical standards and legislation, and the best engineering practices existing worldwide.

Feel free to entrust us your project, we will be glad to support you from the very start whilst drawing up the project´s technical requirements, all the way up to the final commissioning and after-sales service. You will be nicely surprised by our level of expertise!

Yours sincerely,

Arturs Chumarovs